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fleet washing

complete flete washing

Your fleet represents you and your business. Give your commercial vehicles a professional look. Revitalize dusty old trucks, vans or semis with meticulous grooming.


Rely on Abel’s washing services for complete commercial fleet cleaning. Let us get the grime off your garbage trucks, the dirt off your delivery trucks and remove unsightly muck from any other commercial vehicles you use with our:

  • Mobile fleet cleaning

  • Large vehicle washing

  • Commercial vehicle cleaning

  • Local truck washing services

  • Long haul truck cleaning

  • Heavy equipment dirt and grime removal

  • Delivery van to garbage truck appearance improvement


You'll be amazed at fleet washing services from Abel Enterprises Mobile Wash of Hudsonville, MI.


Keep your company’s image crisp with Abel’s commercial fleet cleaning services. You wouldn’t wear dirty, wrinkled clothes or unwashed hair to a job interview or on a business trip! Why send out commercial vehicles that look like they need a bath?

At Abel Enterprises Mobile Wash of Hudsonville, MI, we understand that:

  • Fleets of all kinds, even garbage trucks, send out messages to customers.

  • Dirty, unkempt vans, trucks or fleets make poor impressions with people on the streets.

  • Dirt, dust and mud spatter take a toll on your corporate image if vehicles aren’t sparkling clean.

Our staff is trained, highly skilled and well equipped with the latest in cleaning technology and tactics. Your vehicles will sizzle and shine when the public sees them on the route to work. 


Call 616-662-1306 or email for a FREE estimate!

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